"My husband and I have lived in one of CCD Rentals’ Tiftin Trail cabins for almost two years now. We have loved our cabin, horse pasture, spacious yard, and quiet neighborhood so much. We are already so sad for when we have to move. The CCD Rental owners live nearby and are the best landlords you could ask for. I could go on forever about how cozy, spacious, efficient, and beautiful our cabin is. I could also go on and on about how beautiful and well kept the arena, round pen, trails, and property are. We highly recommend the Tiftin Trail cabins and CCD Rentals in general."

"Our daughter rented a little house from CCD rentals for 2 years. They are the best land lords!!! Very attentive to making any repairs. Even went above and beyond when she locked herself out over a weekend. It truly felt like she had a family member close to help her out in a pinch."

"Chuck has been my landlord for 2 years now and I highly recommend renting from him! He is so quick to get things fixed and issues resolved and always makes sure his tenants are taken care of! Couldn’t ask for a better guy."

"I loved living in my CCD Rentals property! It was very well kept up when I moved in, and every time I called with any issue the issue was taken care of within the day!"

"Chuck was an amazing landlord and is always so diligent in fixing any problems that may arise. I highly recommend them to anyone in Stillwater."

"I loved living in one of Chucks rent houses! It was so great we stayed there for 2 years until we graduated. Great at responding to calls and texts. He was respectful of privacy and very professional."

"We love CCD Rentals when we were living in one of their duplexes! Chuck was always honest and fair. If we called with a maintenance request he was quick to respond and quick to act. He also didn’t squeeze us for money like some places do when you turn in your keys! We had to get out of our lease early because of a new job in a different state and he was great through that whole process! He told us exactly what we needed to do to break the lease and even helped us try to find someone to take it over! If we were still in Stillwater we would rent from CCD Rentals every time!!"

"I HIGHLY recommend CCD Rentals. My landlord is absolutely amazing and anytime I’ve had an issue he is there within 24 hours solving it. If you’re looking to rent with a property management company.. choose CCD!! They rock!!!"

"I rented with CCD from June 2017 through May 2018. They were upfront and honest about all expenses and quick to answer questions or help fix problems. It was easy to communicate with CCD, which was the best part of renting with them alongside their fair costs."

"These property managers are top notch! I've never had such an attentive apartment manager in my whole life. I needed to move out of my old place in short notice, and CCD was able to not only get in me quickly, but also pro-rated my rent and bought me a carbon monoxide detector per my request (my old house had almost killed me of CO poisoning the week before). After I moved in, any issue I had was addressed the same day or the next. These people genuinely care about tenants, and I am so thankful. I cannot stress how wonderful they are! Choose CCD!"

"I rented with CCD Rentals for five years of living in Stillwater and couldn't have been happier! After one unfortunate year with a different renter, I found Chuck and CCD rentals and continued renting with them in four different properties for the rest of my time there. Chuck is a great landlord! His properties are clean and well kept, and he was always quick to respond to my messages and fix any issues that came up. He even worked with me in my last year when I didn't know how much longer I would be in Stillwater. Chuck went above and beyond as a landlord, and I highly recommend CCD Rentals."

"I lived in one of the “tiffin trails cabins” for just over 2 years and I loved it. Chuck is a very attentive landlord and is willing to help out in any way he can. I never worried about calling or texting him with questions or concerns and he always got back to me very quickly. The property is very well taken care of and you couldn’t ask for a better area! I would highly recommend renting these cabins if you’re looking for a beautiful house in a quiet area."

"CCD Rentals is awesome! Myself and 2 friends rented 808 Blakely this past year and it has been wonderful. Chuck is amazing and quick to fix anything that needs fixing. Would highly recommend CCD for anyone looking for a well-kept, cute and affordable place to rent!"

"I moved to Stillwater to complete my Masters degree. I wanted to take my horse with me but did not want to pay for my rent and my horses rent. I came across the cabins that Chuck owns and feel in love! The minute I drove onto the property I knew that is where I wanted to live. I lived there for 2 years and loved the riding arena out back and Chuck did not mind if the horses grazed the grass. Chuck is a great landlord and will do anything for his residence in a timely manner! If I moved back to Stillwater I would want to be back in my same cabin! I appreciated everything Chuck did for me and my horse!"

"Chuck is an amazing landlord!! I rented from him for 2.5 of my 3 years in Stillwater. The other 6 months were less enjoyable. Chuck is very attentive and reliable. I had a hot water tank go out on me and he came and pulled it down the stairs at 10:30 PM because it was leaking. Had a replacement from Lowes quickly too. Never seen management like his. Miss my stillwater days with CCD rentals."

"Excellent! My wife and I rented three different places from Chuck at CCD over a 6 year period while in college. His pricing was very reasonable, but most importantly he was a fantastic, attentive, and dependable property manager. Our friends complained of their rental managers not addressing or fixing issues for months. Chuck would have any issues figured out within hours. Hands down the best in town!"

"Lived at one of their properties for 3 years as a student at OSU. CCD was always able to quickly fix any issues we had with the house and was very good about communicating with my roommates and I. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to rent in Stillwater."

"Best landlord I ever had! Extremely nice people and lots of properties that allow dogs because everyone needs a dog in their life."

"CCD Rentals is the best property provider in Stillwater in my opinion. I live in the same duplex on the top and bottom a year each and it was a much better experience both times then previous properties. All we had to do anytime there was a question, issue, or problem was message Chuck and he was very quick to respond and provide. Thanks Chuck for being a great renter and providing me with a great place to live in my college years!"

"I have been renting from Chuck for over 3 years now. He is a fantastic landlord. Quick to reply to issues, friendly, always willing to work with you. I plan to rent from him until I leave Stillwater."

"I have lived at one of CCD Rental's properties for going on 3 years now. Chuck has been an awesome landlord. He genuinely cares about his tenants and takes great care of his properties! He is very quick to respond to any issues that arise - he is easily accessible, quick to respond and takes care of matters in an efficient manner that is as convenient for you as possible. He is very willing to work with tenants to meet their needs. His prices are fair and as a veterinary student I love how pet friendly his properties are, as well as the fact that they donate a percentage of their pet deposits to the local humane society every year! I am currently looking to move out of my 2 bedroom place and am wanting to live on my own and he has been very accommodating and willing to work with me to help me find another property that will fit my needs. Overall, CCD Rentals has given me a great experience renting properties here in Stillwater and I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a rental property in the area! "

"I've been with CCD rentals for almost four years now and have loved every minute. If anything ever goes wrong or needs fixed, it's taken care of promptly! Couldn't ask for a better rental company."

"I have lived in one of CCD's properties for over 2 years now and they have been an amazing landlord company and always willing to look out for their tenants. I currently live in a two bedroom house that has been a perfect size and land size for my roommate and I (who both have dogs that like to run around outside). The best moment I can think of when CCD rentals proved how much they cherish their tenants and their wellbeing at one of their homes is when our heater stopped working on the first snow of the winter, and of course it was a Sunday. We contacted Chuck telling him what had happened and though the weather was subpar and it was a Sunday of all days, a person was out to fix the heater within two hours. His prices are very affordable, especially for students who may have loans and other things to pay for in addition to rent. In addition to all of this, he is very easy to contact and won't leave you hanging, like some other landlords can do to their tenants. I have been very pleased with renting from CCD rentals and continue to do so in the future!"

"We had the pleasure of spending the weekend at Chuck & Dee Dee's new cabin and what an amazing experience! The cabin is spacious, yet cozy with beautiful touches everywhere you turn. The decor was conforting and welcoming...from the back deck with fireplace, to the amazing master shower...from ceiling fans everywhere to the bottle opener on the wall. They even had adorable Halloween decorations as a finishing touch! I would most certainly recommend the log cabin to anyone looking for a peaceful getaway just a few miles from OSU!! Our hosts were most gracious and we can't thank you enough for sharing a little piece of your world with us...thank you!!"

"I've have been a tenant with CCD Rentals for 2 years now, and have never been happier with a rental company in Stillwater (lived here 10+ years). Chuck is an amazing landlord who's always willing to help when a problems arises! I have never had anything happen that wasn't fixed right away! He's honest, he's fair, and has been great to work with! I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a place in Stillwater!"

"I rented from Chuck and Dee Dee from 2005 until December of 2013. I cannot say enough about this kind family. They are beyond dedicated to making sure their tenants are taken care of - I often reference their properties to people seeking housing in Stillwater, and always will! If you are looking for property that is clean, very well taken care of, and landlords who truly care about what they do - go with CCD rentals. They allow pets in almost all of their properties, many have washer and dryers in the actual residence, and if they don't a laundry mat is provided. Their cabins are GORGEOUS! There is something for everyone. Don't overlook his company - I've had an air conditioner replaced in less than an hour, the same with a water heater, in the winter they were unfreezing pipes as soon as possible - something I KNOW you don't get everywhere. A great family to rent from!!"

"I've lived in one of Chucks properties for a year now, and it has been the best rental experience I've ever had. I've been renting for 7 years now during undergrad/vet school and wish I would have come across his company sooner. He keeps his properties very clean and well maintained. With other properties when asking for a pet friendly place you get stuck with stinky carpets, destroyed walls, etc. but this is not the case with Chuck's properties.
Chuck is extremely respectful of our property, never shows up unannounced or gets in your business. He knows you by first name and responds to all texts/calls QUICKLY. I feel very safe and comfortable living in one of his properties knowing that if something needs fixed he will do everything he can to get it done ASAP."

"My wife and I rented from Chuck at CCD for two years while I was finishing up college. I will never forget how well we were treated while we were tenants. Our first winter we had an issue with our heater on a Saturday and after informing Chuck within hours he had brought by a large electric floor heater to keep the house warm until he could get a servicer out that Monday. We both grew up in Stillwater and have rented with several different property management companies. You will not find a more responsive, honest, and fair company to work with than CCD. "

"I have never had a better landlord than Chuck! Any concerns we ever had he addressed and he always had our back in any situation that may have arose. We moved out of state and I honestly wish we could have taken him with us! Genuine, honest, and affordable. By far the BEST renting experience of my life."

"Very reasonably priced apartment that was close to campus with a laundry facility on site. Chuck is quick to reply to text messages and is extremely easy to work with for renting. My apartment was a one bedroom efficiency and wasn't anything extravagant. But for the price it was clean and well maintained overall. Hard to find a better bargain than to rent through CCD Rentals. Thanks, Chuck for a good year of renting."

"We rented apartments from Chuck for our son who attends OSU. Absolutely great experience. He was easy to work with and very responsive to any issues with the units. I highly recommend Chuck."

"Excellent property managers. Always helpful when I had an issue, but issues were minimal because they take great care of their units. Very fair contracts/pricing. All around great operation. Would recommend to anyone looking for housing in the Stillwater area, especially veterinary students."

"Thank you CCD Rentals for offering such a beautiful vacation location at a price we can afford. The log home is absolutely beautiful inside and out and the wildlife on the property...incredible! We saw a herd of wild turkeys come right up to the house and a flock of deer just off the driveway while driving back in. Your hospitality is unmatched! Since we're from AZ you even arranged a rain storm for us to enjoy. WOW!"

"My review has two components. First, my in-laws and I rented Chuck's cabin a few weeks ago while we were moving my daughter from one of his rental properties to another of his rental properties. The pictures on the website do not do justice to how beautiful this cabin is! It is incredibly spacious (3 bedrooms all with king-size beds, 2.5 baths including a HUGE master, very large living room...) with beautiful décor. It is in a remote area with lots of wildlife around. You won't regret renting this cabin!

Second, my daughter has been in one of Chuck's rental houses for the past three years while she is in vet school, and just moved into a different rental house of his for her final year. Chuck has been a great landlord and is always quick to respond to any problems she may have. In fact, when their heat stopped working during a snowstorm once, she told me she wasn't going to notify him until the next day since it was a Sunday and nothing would get done. I encouraged her to go ahead and text him, and within 30 minutes a repairman had been sent and they had heat again. As a parent, it is reassuring to know that any issues that arise will be taken care of quickly. Additionally, Chuck seems to take good care of his properties - when we recently did the walk-through for her new house, he had made several upgrades since she had looked at the place, including new kitchen cabinets, a dishwasher, and new windows. And finally, it is nice to have a landlord that has pet-friendly properties - particularly in a town that has a vet school whose students are likely to have pets. I would highly recommend Chuck and CCD Rentals."


"By far the best rental company in Stillwater. Properties are clean, well maintained, and Chuck is equitable in all his dealings."